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Handmade jewelery, bags and more!

Everything you see on this website is handmade and unique. No gemstone is the same and the same goes for all my handmade products.

The leather bags you see on my site are made with aid of a sewing machine or by hand. Sometimes I use recycled leather. I love using recycled leather as it gives the material a second life (and adds character to the bag).

The wooden products you see are made by my husband. He loves working with wood and this way we can combine our hobbies.

Enjoy your visit to my website and feel free to ask any quastions.

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Jewelery, beads, bags and more!

Apart from all the items on this website I designed, I also love bringing ideas of others to life.


So if you’re looking for a special piece of jewellery, a bag or a custom painting, feel free to contact me!